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  • ● 9 core functions: 3800W peak power, smart handle one-key switching, voice broadcast and efficient operation, large screen touch design, 145℃ high temperature steam, can be overfired, acid and alkali resistant, continuous work 24H, pure copper motor is durable and maintenance Function to improve life.
  • ● The high-temperature steam is quickly decontaminated in 30 seconds, and the peak power of steam is 3800W. High temperature and high pressure water quickly decontaminates, 5 seconds to produce high temperature hot water, 10kg super pressure.
  • ● Pulse cleaning is more thorough, cyclic impact, and frequency conversion technology pressure is stronger. 400mg/h ozone disinfection, the equipment comes with ozone without adding anything.
  • ● The multi-function gun can be switched with one button to improve work efficiency. Large-screen multi-function operating system, bid farewell to frequent mechanical control, just one touch.
  • ● Automatically shut down the gun when over temperature, automatic alarm to prevent burning out, safe and reliable. Upgrade IPX4 grade waterproof, water and electricity separation, multi-directional drainage hole safety design.


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